Therapies to help the growth of your soul.

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Therapies to help the growth of your soul.




About Me

Bay Deane MA, Dip HIP

I have gained my MA and clinical diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy. This training took me nine years and involved a very deep personal journey. During this time I became interested in Shamanic work as a way to work with deep trauma. I am an artist who expresses everything through my creative life, with a particular passion for stone carving.  I also have considerable experience in drama and Montessori Teaching and using the creative arts to help people. In recent years I have been learning the harp and like to use it’s beautiful healing qualities for therapeutic work. I am a mother of three and have experience both personal and professional in attachment, trauma and adoption issues. I am a gentle person and like to listen to people.  Clients have told me it feels peaceful and safe working with me.  Please feel free to contact me to ask about my work.

My therapy space in Frome is a beautiful Scandinavian style lodge.  This lovely, peaceful space feels safe and confidential and allows clients to relax into a deep inner place.

I also work from Openings in Bath

And in Cheap Street - Frome

I have been researching the emotional and psychological reasons for weight gain for three years with nutritional therapist Dawn Cuckow. We are close to finishing our mind-body-spirit approach course and book. I feel passionately about helping people bring balance into their lives on every level.